Dark-fibre infrastructure that enables you to connect a high volume of base stations to each other and to your base station core network.

Titan is a flat-rate-based dark-fibre solution designed to connect your base transceiver stations to one another and to your base station core network. Titan can start and end at the same site, or start at one site and end at another.


Titan is structured in a logical ring or star topology. The average distance between base stations in an area should be less than 5 km.

Titan architecture diagram

Data sheet

Connectivity options Ring or star topology
Base station core site to base station
Base station to base station
Once-off connection fee Yes
Billing Monthly
Flat rate
Discount criteria Volume
Lease term
Lease / payment terms 5, 10, or 15 years
Fixed lease payment /
Down payment with reduced fixed lease payment
Fibre pair options One /
Service level 4-hour mean time to repair
Fault monitoring Main route
Product Changes Coming Soon