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Fibre optics to light up earnings at Reunert

CENTURION, Gauteng – 25 December 2008 – South Africa's telecommunications market has been waiting for will finally be ushered in on 19 January when regulator Icasa issues service providers with infrastructure licences and goes about making key new pro-competitive regulations.

Fibre optics to light up earnings at Reunert

CENTURION, Gauteng – 26 November 2008 – Electronics Company Reunert expects a boost to its future earnings from increased demand for fibre optic cables by telecoms services companies.

Network firm DFA accelerates roll-out

CENTURION, Gauteng – 19 November 2008 – Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has accelerated its infrastructure roll-out in Johannesburg with 350 km of fibre already laid, as it prepares to finalise contracts with more companies following the recent court ruling that opened up the telecoms market to more competition.

Fibre to home almost a reality

CENTURION, Gauteng – 3 October 2008 – Fibre optic cables direct to the home will become a reality sooner rather than later, says Richard Came, executive director of infrastructure developer Dark Fibre Africa (DFA).

Shared broadband infrastructure firm in R2bn network roll-out

CENTURION, Gauteng – 3 October 2008 – Shared broadband infrastructure company Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), which has laid more than 200km of fibre infrastructure over the last year in some of South Africa’s highest-density metropolitan areas, is preparing to materially accelerate its network expansion with an expenditure plan involving upwards of R2 billion by 2010.

DFA ploughs R2 billion into fibre

CENTURION, Gauteng – 3 September 2008 – Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) plans to invest R2 billion in expanding its fibre optic networks. The shared infrastructure company says it will spend the money over the next three years.

DFA welcomes Pretoria High Court ruling in favour of Altech

CENTURION, Gauteng – 1 September 2008 – Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has welcomed the ruling by the Pretoria High Court that value-added network services companies have the right to self-provide their own network facilities.