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Trenching to resume in Mossel Bay

CENTURION, Gauteng – 10 August 2012 – Following last week’s announcement that Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) will be deploying a fibre infrastructure in Mossel Bay to the value of R18 million, the company has confirmed the routes that will be affected. DFA has also reaffirmed that trenching will be done with the least disruption to the community.

DFA fibre network rolls into Secunda

CENTURION, Gauteng – 5 July 2012 – A fibre infrastructure to the value of R16-million will soon be deployed in Secunda, this forms part of Dark Fibre Africa’s (DFAs) R3.5 billion national fibre network that will increase bandwidth and reduce Internet costs significantly.

Dark Fibre Africa invests R72 million in Eastern Cape

CENTURION, Gauteng – 29 May 2012 – Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) is currently deploying a fibre infrastructure to the value of R72-million in the Eastern Cape region. More than 100 kilometres of fibre is being laid in the region that includes Mthata and East London.

Dark Fibre Africa invests R75 million in Benoni

CENTURION, Gauteng – 16 April 2012 – Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) is currently deploying a fibre infrastructure in excess of R75 million in and around the Benoni metropolitan area. In cooperation with Benoni Municipality, this project will not only launch the city into the digital age, but it will also bring significant investment into the area.

Dark Fibre Africa invests R15 million in George

CENTURION, Gauteng – 28 February 2012 – In cooperation with George Municipality, Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) is currently deploying a fibre infrastructure to the value of R15 million.

DFA launches one of the first open-access fibre infrastructures in gated business community

CENTURION, Gauteng – 23 February 2012 – Local open access dark fibre infrastructure provider, Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), has laid more than 5 000 kilometres of fibre infrastructure over the past four years. Entering the market as rookies, DFA has evolved into the largest open access fibre infrastructure provider in Southern Africa, with an expenditure plan in excess of R3 billion.

Teraco signs up Dark Fibre Africa

CENTURION, Gauteng – 20 August 2009 – Data Environments will tap into Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) to increase the access to high-speed telecoms infrastructure at Teraco's Cape Town data centre.

Dark Fibre Africa officially launches network

CENTURION, Gauteng – 23 June 2009 – Telecommunications infrastructure provider Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) on Tuesday formally launched its network, which would provide data and video broadband services, including voice.

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CENTURION, Gauteng – 29 January 2009 – The recent announcement by MTN and Neotel of a near R2 billion investment in a national fibre optic long haul, or inter-city network, points to an increasing trend towards the sharing of infrastructure rather than each operator building its own.