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Public–private partnerships


The term technology is wide and far reaching – it can refer to manufacturing technologies, process technologies, and building technologies, for example. Read about a technology that is today and for the foreseeable future going to fundamentally change the way we operate businesses, and develop, adopt and consume products and services – a technology that has and will continue to create new business models while disrupting the existing.

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South African Business Prepares for AI-based Collaboration


The latest Strategy Analytics Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update predicts that the mobile workforce will be 1.87 billion strong by 2022 – over 40% of the world’s total number of workers. That is close to 2 billion people who will need to be constantly connected to their colleagues and teams with real time, on-demand access to the same systems they would have access to in the office, and with no interruption to their workflow.

South African Business Prepares for AI-based Collaboration2018-10-25T15:58:38+02:00

Meeting the changing needs of clients


Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) is the premier open-access fibre optic company in South Africa, providing its clients with the infrastructure they need to run their businesses. Vino Govender, Acting Chief Strategy Officer, discusses the role of enterprise mobility and the evolution of digital technologies.

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You wear it well


Wearable technologies are the wave of the future, and can have a positive impact on a range of industries – provided there is fast, high-quality connectivity for them to make use of.

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Connectivity is key


The increased adoption of new and evolving digital technologies will continue to transform the way businesses innovate their operating models, digitise their product and services portfolios and engage with stakeholders.

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Navigating towards smart ports in a digital storm


Modern ports are transforming and digitalising, but high-speed connectivity remains the backbone of any attempt to create a genuinely smart port. As digitisation drives a wave of technological innovation and integration, so an increasing number of industries and businesses are seeking to transform themselves into enterprises that are more data and insights driven. The port industry is no exception.

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Medicine beyond borders: Telemedicine in South Africa


Telemedicine, a term which literally means “healing at a distance”, speaks to the use of technology to overcome geographical barriers, and increase access to health care services. This is particularly beneficial for extending medical services to communities that lack access to specialised health care services to their geographic location.

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The rise in internet penetration opens the door for e-commerce in South Africa


The closure of the 159-year-old "Harrods of South Africa" department store, Stuttafords, has brought to the fore important questions about how industries need to develop stronger business plans and innovate in order to serve the tech-savvy customer.

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Public-sector projects can benefit significantly from high-speed connectivity


It has been 23 years since the first Pan-African Conference of Ministers of Public/ Civil Service was held in Tangier. Since then there has been a lot of progress in the terms of public sector services on the continent. We need to celebrate the successes, reflect on the challenges, and really acknowledge the role that public services plays in advancing the socio-economic state of the African continent and its citizens.

Public-sector projects can benefit significantly from high-speed connectivity2018-09-26T22:30:02+02:00