Magellan EPL

Magellan EPL is an MEF CE 2.0-certified managed service that lets you connect two sites on the DFA network.

Magellan Access EPL gives you a comprehensive, fully-managed, end-to-end layer 2 service between two sites on the DFA network. We provide, manage, and maintain all equipment.


Magellan EPL is based on MEF CE 2.0 active Ethernet technologies. The Magellan Access EPL service that acts as a replacement for circuit-switched services.

Data sheet

Bandwidth options Committed information rate
5Mbit/s–100Mbit/s in 5Mbit/s increments
100Mbit/s–500Mbit/s in 50Mbit/s increments
500Mbit/s–1Gbit/s in 100Mbit/s increments
Management features Automated SLA reports
Online customer portal
API interface for quotes, orders, fault logging, and tracking
Equipment CPE at end-customer premises (as required)
CPE in datacentre (as required)
Connectivity features Jumbo frame support
Link failure propagation
Zero frame loss
Specified max inter-frame delay variation
Specified max frame delay
Once-off connection fees End-point port connection fee for each end point
ENNI port connection fee
Billing Monthly
ENNI port fee + ENNI bandwidth fee + end-point port fee + end-point bandwidth fee
Lease term 24 months
Service level 99.95% availability

Terms and conditions

  1. Aggregation is allowed. Services can terminate in single tenant buildings, multi-tenant buildings or in datacentres.
  2. Access only includes build distance of 150 m in the public domain and 50 m in the private domain for locations that have not been accepted and classified for build by DFA. Additional fees will be added per meter for additional public and private property build. All access and spur builds above the specified distances are at DFA’s discretion.
  3. Individual business cases may be required for large-scale requirements.
  4. Services can be moved or replaced, but not within the first 12 months.
  5. No bursting above the committed information rate (CIR) allowed.
  6. Prices exclude the cost of cross-connects, if applicable.
  7. A maximum of 2 VLAN is permitted per bandwidth and access service
  8. DFA will provide CPEs at end-customer premises or multiport customer-premises equipment in shared facilities.
  9. A rebate on monthly end-point port fee applies if you order a second service to the same location.
  10. Coverage and feasibility is based on DFA aggregation areas and proximity to network routes.
  11. Feasibility is subject to variable response times.
  12. You need to perform any RFO work.
  13. DFA will not provide any additional power points, earthing, and cabinet space.
  14. If, after 12 months of the initial activation, an access service is moved to a building that is already connected to the network, then the contract term runs uninterrupted at the new location.
  15. If trenching and major RFO work are required at the new location or you need to move the connection within 12 months of the initial activation, then a new 24-month contract with the associated conditions will apply at the new location.
  16. Not available for CSS solutions