Dark-fibre infrastructure that enables you to connect a high volume of base stations to your core network.

Titan is a flat-rate-based dark-fibre solution designed to connect your base transceiver stations to one another in a logical ring topology. Titan can start and end at the same site, or start at one site and end at another.


Titan is structured in a logical ring or star topology, allowing you to connect your base stations sites to each other and to your core network. The average distance between base stations in an area should be less than 5 km.

Titan architecture diagram

Data sheet

Connectivity options Ring or star topology
Aggregation site to access site
Aggregation site to aggregation site
Once-off connection fee Yes
Billing Monthly
Flat rate
Discount criteria Number of links
Lease / payment terms 5, 10, or 15 years
Fixed lease payment /
Down payment with reduced fixed lease payment
Fibre pair options Single
Service level 4-hour mean time to repair
Fault monitoring Main route

Terms and conditions

  1. Titan links must be ordered in a ring or star topology, ensuring that your access sites are formed in a logical, redundant ring format.
  2. A Titan link can be ordered as a tangent to an existing ring.
  3. Discounts only apply to circuits within the volume bracket.
  4. The average distance between Titan links on a ring within a single metro area must not exceed 5 km.
  5. The actual duct distance is used to calculate the average link distance.
  6. Long links on a ring can be ordered as Peregrine links to ensure that the average distance between Titan links remains between 5 km.
  7. Alternatively, you must establish new aggregation nodes in the geographical area to keep the flat-rate link average distances below the 5 km limit.
  8. DFA will do monitoring and maintenance on the main DFA fibre routes that your fibre link is provided over.
  9. No monitoring will be done on the spur and access entry into the private property.
  10. Monitoring, temporary and permanent repairs are included in the lease cost.
  11. Permanent repairs on your access infrastructure are for your account.
  12. DFA can provide permanent repairs on your access duct infrastructure if requested to do so.
  13. The lease term and conditions for decommissioning will be stipulated in the lease agreement.
  14. A Titan link can be decommissioned prior to the term expiry date, but a replacement link order in the same region must be placed on existing DFA fibre route infrastructure.
  15. Any additional expenses incurred to access the replacement site will be for your account. The lease term for the replacement link will commence on the date of commissioning of the new link.
  16. If a link is decommissioned prior to the link expiry date, and the link was operational for less than 1 year, then a link discontinuation fee is payable. Additionally, a replacement link must be ordered.
  17. Inflated, up-front, once-off payment with reduced monthly rental payments over the lease period is also available.
  18. You are responsible for the access duct infrastructure into the site/building.
  19. DFA will build the fibre routes as close as possible up to your site boundary.
  20. The distance from the DFA route to the boundary of the site (private property) must be 150m on average for all sites per ring per region.
  21. A Titan link is designed to facilitate MNO connectivity between BTS.
  22. The customer needs to be an ECNS License holder.