Safe, secure collocation and aggregation facilities for your equipment, so you can deliver services to your customers right to the last mile.

Tachyon nodes are at strategic locations in our network. This means you can position your equipment in close to your customers’ sites and efficiently backhaul traffic between the last-mile and your core network.


Tachyon lets you host your network equipment wherever your customers are. The Tachyon footprint also incorporates smaller Tachyon Peering Points that give you access to your customers’ premises in a DFA Precinct.

Tachyon architecture diagram

Data sheet

Connectivity options Hosting facility for client network equipment on last-mile network or within DFA precinct (Peering Points)
Aggregates traffic in geographical area.
Aggregates traffic from backhaul to customer core network.
Billing Monthly
Rack space + electricity usage
Rack space options ¼ (7U usable space)
⅓ (11U usable space)
½ (18U usable space) (Tachyon only)
Full Rack (Tachyon only)
Cabinet size configuration 43U (600 × 600 split)
Power and cooling 500 Watt 3U DC PDU per ¼ rack
700 Watt 3U DC PDU per ⅓ rack
1000 Watt 3U DC PDU per ½ rack
4-hour backup battery and rectifier
AC power rail (with backup)
DFA fibre Single-mode G.657.A1 connectorized (LC/PC) tail in equipment rack

Terms and conditions

  1. Locations of planned Tachyon nodes may change.
  2. Quotes based on planned Tachyon locations are subject to change if the final roll-out differs from the planned rollout.
  3. Only DFA fibre can be terminated in the Tachyon node. This includes fibre from the Tachyon node to your access premises, and fibre from the Tachyon node to the your core network (provided over backhaul fibre links, such as Peregrine and Calypte).
  4. If a Tachyon node is in the basement of an already-reticulated building, DFA can provide cross-connect from the Tachyon facility to the nearest common meet-me point, charged at a monthly rate.
  5. DFA will provide backup power where technically feasible.
  6. DFA allows fibre patching in the Tachyon facility. You can order multiple Helios links from your access sites to the same Tachyon node. This lets you provide a link between your access sites in the same aggregation area. A monthly cross-connection fee will apply.
  7. You may cross connect between equipment in the same allocated rack space.
  8. You may not cross connect to other racks in the node.
  9. The electricity price component of the lease cost is subject to annual NERSA price revisions.
  10. The lease cost will increase by 6% in April every year.
  11. The following locations are limited to ⅓ racks:
    • Bronkhorstspruit
    • Middelburg
    • Hendrina
    • Ermelo
    • Busby
    • Piet Retief
    • Paulpietersburg
    • Vryheid
    • Zulu Rock
    • Melmoth
    • Empangeni
    • Stanger