A pre-connected area of multitenant buildings that gives you easy access to new customers.

A Precinct is a designated area with multiple buildings, housing SMEs and corporates, that are already connected to our network, giving you ready access to your customers.


We have connected individual, commercially zoned buildings to Tachyon nodes or peering points on our dark-fibre network as a cost-effective solution to aggregating traffic within an area. These buildings are connected to the fibre network in a ring topology.

Data sheet

Connectivity options Tachyon node or peering point to customer premises
Once-off connection fee Yes
Billing Monthly
Flat rate
Discount criteria Volume
Lease / payment terms Standard: 2, 3, or 5 years
Bulk: 5 years
Fibre pairs Single
Interface options 1Gbit/s /
Redundancy Optional diverse link
Service level 8-hour mean time to repair

Terms and conditions

  1. The standard lease is only available in predefined locations.
  2. The bulk fibre offering provides a price for a fixed number of fibre pairs, across a fixed number of locations, to be taken up within a fixed period of time.
  3. The standard and bulk offers exclude colocation and cross connects.
  4. The off-plan offer provides commercial benefit for purchasing fibre pairs in areas where infrastructure is not yet in place.
  5. The off-plan offers include a bulk purchase and an unlimited offer.
  6. The off-plan offer includes colocation at the peering/ interconnect/ aggregation site.
  7. One termination point will always terminate in the Peering Point.
  8. The building reticulation is included in the offering.
  9. Penalties apply for early termination.
  10. However, DFA will allow service substitution provided that the service you take is of equal or greater value.
  11. You may need to pay a once-off fee for service substitution.
  12. A single fibre pair will be used to connect a single end-customer premises to the peering / interconnect / aggregation site.
  13. The fibre cannot be used to aggregate multiple customers in the same building or adjacent buildings.