Calypte is a cost-effective solution that gives you rate-monitored connectivity between Tachyon nodes and between Tachyon nodes and your core network.

If you don’t need unlimited speed all the time, Calypte lets you choose a burstable data rate while still giving you the benefit of dark fibre. There is no hard limit on the bandwidth – your traffic can exceed the chose data rate for short periods – and you can permanently upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth without penalties. Together with Tachyon, Peregrine, and Helios, it enables you to design your network in the most cost-effective way.


With Calypte, you can connect your core sites to our Tachyon aggregation nodes, giving you predictable performance to and from your core network. Calypte Metro provides cost-effective connectivity through rate-monitoring, while Calypte Long Haul specifically caters for backhaul and long-haul connectivity between your sites and DFA aggregation sites.

Calypte architecture diagram

Data sheet

Connectivity options Tachyon to Tachyon
Tachyon to customer access sites
Metro to submarine landing stations (Long Haul)
Teraco Isando to a Tachyon node in Durban (Long Haul)
Teraco Riverhorse Valley to a Tachyon node in Johannesburg
Teraco Isando to a Tachyon node in Pietermaritzburg (Long Haul)
Once-off connection fee Yes
Billing Monthly
Line-of-sight distance lease + data rate cost
Discount criteria Lease term
Lease term Fixed
5, 10, or 15 years
Fibre pair options Single
Interface options 1Gbit/s /
10Gbit/s (Long-Haul)
Throughput options Between 15Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s (10Gbit/s available on request)
50Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s (Long Haul)
Redundancy Diverse links available on request
Service level 4-hour mean time to repair
Fault monitoring Main route

Terms and conditions

  1. Calypte Metro is only available within a 5km proximity of a Tachyon nodes.
  2. Consequently, one of the termination points must always be a Tachyon node.
  3. You are responsible for providing a suitable termination facility on your premises
  4. The maximum throughput achievable on a Calypte link is dependent on the interface capacity.
  5. Throughput on Calypte links will be monitored.
  6. Throughput monitoring is transparent, and does not limit the throughput rate of the service in any way.
  7. Should your throughput exceed the option ordered for a period longer than five consecutive minutes, on more than three occasions during the 30-day measuring period, the higher throughput bracket, with its associated tariff, will apply.
  8. DFA will notify you of this change before billing occurs.
  9. You may permanently upgrade to a higher throughput bracket at any time without penalty.
  10. The term for the upgraded link will be the remainder of the initial link term.
  11. You can upgrade to a Peregrine link without any penalty.
  12. Volume discounts aren’t applicable to Calypte, but term discounts are.
  13. A once-off administration fee of R540 applies for upgrades or downgrades.
  14. Two distinct Calypte links from the same building may not terminate in separate Tachyon nodes.
  15. Downgrades, decommissioning and replacement links:
  16. No penalties apply for downgrades where the downgraded speed of the link is more than half of the original Calypte order speed.
  17. A 60-day notice period applies for downgrades.
  18. Only two downgrades are permitted in a twelve-month period.
  19. Penalties do apply for decommissioning links before the end of their lease term and are detailed in the lease agreement.
  20. Penalties might be waived if a replacement link order is placed at the time of an early link decommissioning (for the same or higher monetary value as the decommissioned link).
  21. Replacement link orders must be “on net” and the replacement link is subject to a new full
  22. Each distinct replacement link lease term will be treated as a new lease and as such, start from a new inception date.