Tachyon is the hosting facility where your equipment can be co-located for easy access to the last mile network. It acts as an aggregation point for your IP service network.

Tachyon optimises the access fibre network from the aggregation node to your access sites or buildings. It provides a cost-effective solution to aggregate traffic in a geographical area. The aggregated traffic can then be backhauled to your core network much more efficiently.

We are planning to have 111 Tachyon nodes built by December 2015. They will cover all metros and small towns where we have a fibre footprint. The first 20 nodes were completed in March 2014.

At a glance

  • Aggregate traffic in geographic area by housing client equipment.
  • Lease ⅓, ½, or full rack.
  • Yearly fee increase applicable.
  • Minimum lease period of 5 years.
  • Only DFA fibre terminated in node.
  • No client-to-client cross-connections permitted.
  • Fee includes sub-rack space, power (yearly NERSA escalation applies), cooling and termination.
  • Helios cross-connections available for nominal monthly fee.