Helios is a last-mile fibre access solution that delivers dark fibre links from our aggregation nodes to your site or building in a star network configuration.

The link is terminated on an optical distribution frame at the DFA aggregation site, where you are able to cross-connect to your own equipment hosted in the DFA aggregation site.

At a glance

  • Connect client access sites to Tachyon.
  • No volume or term discounts applicable.
  • Minimum contract term of 24 months.
  • One fibre pair provided.
  • DFA responsible for building access infrastructure. DFA responsible for account up to contractual limit; excess for client’s account.
  • DFA responsible for inside reticulation from building basement to client's office.
  • To qualify, client must have core/aggregation network of 50 km active Peregrine/Calypte links in place.
  • Diverse link at additional cost.